Aerillian d'Arcanara


Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin
Level: 70
Age: 74 years
Born: Namuun, Terokkar Forest, Outland
Home: Exodar, Azuremyst Isle, Azeroth
Title: the White Lady
Type: main
Known Alts: Malorienne(A), Lye(H), Maèra(A), Cordystasia(H)
Char created: January 16th 2006, 12:22

Physical Appearance

Aerillian usually draws people's attention because of her ivory white skin. Normally it even gives the impression of radiating slightly. This in combination with her Snow white hair and pure white eyes have given her the nickname of 'the White lady' by some. Her visage is sleek and elegant but her gaze is ice cold and slightly condescending.
Dressing usually in white strengthens her appearance as a purely white, radiant and as such slightly angelic being.

Character's psyche

Having witnessed the death of her parents as a little girl and having lost her husband and newborn child due to war and conflict have given Aerillian a strictly black and white vision on life. She will never show her emotions and will merely return an ice-cold gaze. Traumatized even to such extents that she is unable to feel much of any emotion of all, she has become a true ice queen.
Everything needs to be classified, according to Aerillian. Good and Evil are absolute and there is nothing in between the two. As such she is utterly merciless towards what she perceives as 'evil' and unending patient to what she perceives as 'good'.
Her view on Azeroth and it's younger races can be described as condescending, though not with a snobby intent. She sees the Draenei, being an ancient people as they are, as enlightened and as such sees it as her obligation to educate and watch over the 'silly' and 'ignorant' younger races.
Although she does express honour and respect to those individuals around her, deep within she subconsciously views them as lesser.

Positive traits

  1. can be extremely patient
  2. intellectual and a good listener
  3. fervent protector of everything she sees as 'good'
  4. very high morals: complete abstination of alcohol, tobacco and intercourse

Negative traits

  1. very black & white view on life
  2. blinded by the absolutes of 'good' and 'evil'
  3. sometimes socially awkward due to her inability to express emotions
  4. rather condescending towards all non-draenei races


Father: Naguur D'arcanara (deceased)
Mother: Sheidrani Methuun (deceased)

Brother: Dolorad D'arcanara (living in Azure Watch)

Husband: Gamahad Luudron (deceased)
Daughter: unnamed (deceased)

Aunt: Shadrani Methuun (living in the Exodar)
Uncle: Garnazen Amanrad (deceased)

guild affiliations and ranks

Guild: Silverbrand Cohort
Rank: Brandsworn
Joined: January 19th 2006 20:00-ish
Left: September 29th 2008

Guild: -None-
Rank: N/A
Joined: N/A

professions and skills

Mining: 375/375
Jewel crafting: 375/380

Fishing: 326/375
Cooking: 375/375
First Aid: 375/375

Riding: 300/300

talent builds

Holy mostly
-will put actual build up sometime soon-

synopsis of character's life

  • born in a small town in Terokkar forest
  • saw her parents get slaughtered during an orcish raid, age 10
  • she and her brother where two of the few survivors
  • raised further by her aunt in a small village in Nagrand, later moved to Haala
  • learned the way of the Light (due to her trauma has a very black and white view on things)
  • journeyed to the Netherstorm under the leadership of Velen
  • fought for the capturing of Tempest Keep
  • survived the Exodar crash on Azeroth
  • was appointed to the role of Exarch of Azure Watch for a brief period
  • got in contact and joined the Silverbrand Cohort
  • continues her way across Azeroth, notable is the War Effort on Ahn’Qiraj
  • is betrayed by the Trapped Princes, Aerillian looses faith in the purity of Azeroth
  • travels to the Desolace and Maraudon with the brave Cohort strengthen this resolve
  • is asked to be Halimah’s bridesmaid at her wedding with Endorin
  • upon exploring the ruins of Uldaman Aerillian rediscovers her zeal for the protection of Azeroth
  • joins her fellow cohortians putting the beast Omen to rest.
  • witnesses the opening of Ahn’Qiraj and ventures into it’s windswept ruins
  • sets the first step back in Outland…
  • performs the marriage of Ardus and Evalynd
  • managed to climb her way up to the role of Councillor

character's history

early childhood

Born in the little village of Namuun in southern Terokkar forest, Aerillian lived a rather carefree life.
She used to play a lot with the children in town and her brother Dolorad. The two had constructed a sort of shelter between a few old trees where they would go and hide just for fun. Her father was the town's leading alchemist and her mother a town's councillor.
Life was well until one day rumbling came from the forest… An orcish raid: the battle was short an bloody. Just before she was grabbed away from the battlefield by her uncle, she saw her mother and father die a horrible death at the hands of the orcs.

continuing life

Having rescued the two children. Their aunt and uncle adopted them to live with them in a small village in southern Nagrand. Aerillian never truly did recover from what she had seen at age 10. She used to be such a giddy and happy little girl, but now she would hardly laugh anymore…
As the years went by Aerillian strengthened her resolve to 'be someone' as such she joined the order of vindicators and became one of the leading students. She was the first to fully succeed the tests needed to become a true Vindicator. Meanwhile the orcish raids became more frequent and village by village was plundered. The council decided that lest they be next they had to move north, beyond Oshu'gun to the city of Halaa. And so it was done…

until death do us part

Many villages had sought refuge at the high hills of Halaa, as such it had become a great Draenei city. Here it was that Aerillian met a young Draenei named Gamahad Luudron, rushing hormones and impending doom led to a series of short romances, ultimately resulting in marriage. As the months progressed the attacks on Halaa became heavier. While soldiers where screaming outside to rush to battle, Aerillian was screaming inside, in hospital, giving birth to a little girl. The ground shook on occasion as giant rocks, flung from Orcish catapults crashed into the city's buildings.
Just after she had held her little girl for the first time and it was time for the nurse to show the baby to the proud father anxiously waiting in the other room, that side of the building collapsed, burying the nurse, the father and her daughter under a ton of brick and stone…

the exodus

As more and more villages fell to the might of the orcs the surviving draenei banded together to travel northeast to the Netherstorm. Their only salvation lie with the Naaru at Tempest Keep. Aerillian, having lost everything she truly cared about plummeted headfirst into a web of honour and responsibility. It would be hard to find a vindicator more driven to the cause than her.
And so the caravan left. Some died, many lived and after a few weeks did they reach the remains of the Plains of Farahlon. Here, from the ruins of Enkaat, did the Vindicator Armies battle with the Blood Elf forces. Ultimately resulting in the capturing of the Stallite 'Exodar' As the last Draenei where hauled aboard the stallite hightailed out of the infernal place.

a new start

She awoke from her stasis pod and surveyed the landscape, only to see smoke and debris everywhere. Those she heard where still alive she helped.
In only a few weeks did the Draenei recover most of the survivors. Aerillian was shortly appointed to Exarch of Azure Watch, but once Bloodmyst Isle was discovered she was stationed there.
Some weeks after some scouts discovered a Night Elf explorer. She was nursed back to health and Aerillian was chosen along with miss Valustraa to serve as the first two ambassadors on behalf of the Draenei.
All went well and it wasn't long before that position too, was filled by some one else. As she took the boat to Auberdine Aerillian spoke to a dwarf by the name of Gubber Blump, he mentioned a band of adventurers named the Silverbrand Cohort…

the cohort

Travelling to the human lands across the ocean Aerillian indeed found the group called the Cohort. Good humoured and fond of ale, Aerillian assessed they would be a good example to study the social dynamics of the younger races. Thus she joined them.
A year passed, thanks to them Aerillian travelled the globe and eventually managed to climb her way to the position of councillor… something that would have made her dear mother very proud…

character's journal

Aerillian's Journal

RP mod description

White skinned and pure, even for Draenei standards. Her skin seems to constantly glow slightly, as if made from shining ivory. Some would consider these traits angelic, yet a subtle, sterile coldness radiates from her being…

A warm smile graces the icy face, forgiving and pure her presence shines upon her direct surroundings.

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RP gear

Normal RP gear
  • Runecloth Robe
  • Gossamer Cape
  • Swamplight Lantern X
Priest gear
  • Gossamer Headpiece
  • Runecloth Robe
  • Gossamer Cape
  • Torch of Holy Flame
Riding gear
  • Ghostshroud X
  • Runecloth Robe
  • Mantle of the Fire Festival
  • Gossamer Cape
  • Elven Spirit Gloves X
War gear
  • Mask of Pennance
  • Justice Gearer’s Pauldrons X
  • Breastplate of Many Graces
  • Girdle of Many Blessings
  • Cassock of the Loyal
  • Boots of the Watchful Heart X
  • Virtue Bearer’s Vambraces X
  • Life Bearer’s Gauntlets
  • Northshire Battlemace X
  • Aldori Legacy Defender X

(X marks items not yet attained)


  1. complete the ‘purple judgement’ set
  2. get fishing to 375
  3. get Jewel crafting to 380
  4. complete RP sets
  5. obtain all cooking & jewel crafting recipes in the game
  6. attempt to do *all* quests in the game


  • I am the vessel of your absolution, creature!
  • The younger races are strange creatures indeed.
  • It is our duty to educate them.
  • Retribution is at hand, prepare!


  • Aerillian, being the ice queen that she is, finds her exact opposite in the alt Malorienne
  • Her last name; d'Arcanara was formed by combining 'Arcane' (as the Draenei's natural school of magic) with D'Arc (Named after Joan of Arc, who'se passion and dedication Aerillian was modeled after)

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