Aunir Duskhunter


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Mage
Level: 70
Age: 22
Born: Stormwind
Home: Stormwind
Title: ?
Type: main
Known Alts:

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character's history

Life’s history: -Born and raised in Stormwind
-The only child of a mage father and a tailor mother
-was forced into the army by officals,barely got out after showing talent in spellcasting
-after a certain "incident" in the mage tower recruitment test,that has been never clearly surfaced among the members of the mage tower,he was took by Elsharin the high elf for training,who haven't took a pupil for many years
-learned that he had high elven heritage
-his father was killed in a battle against the scourge,in eastern plaguelands
-his mother died shortly after learning that her husband died
-after his relationship with Elsharin became -very- complicated,he set out to find his elven roots,as well as advancing his spellcasting capabilities
-has done jobs for Stormwind officials and mage tower,as well as other Alliance-related groups
-started gathering members for a secret organisation,to fight against "The enemies within the Alliance"
-after certain events,he got fed up by the Scarlet Crusaders and attacked their stronghold in Western Plaguelands by himself,clearing out the entire fortress and teleporting out before reinforcements arrived,has been wanted by the Scarlets since then
-attacked Tyr's Hand with a fellow mage,further distrupting their operations
-disbanded the secret organisation,due to lack of members
-traveled alone for a long time,politely turning down invitations from many organisations
-joined Artifex
-joined the Scryers,hoping that they could aid him in finding his elven roots

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