Avann Aegistorm


Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin
Level: ?
Age: 21-26 range
Born: ?
Home: ?
Title: master
Type: main
Known Alts: ?

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character's history

- Avann was a mercenary, abandoning his mage studies, by the time Arthas had invaded Quel'thalas
- Due to a lack of proper fighting skills, many people had ended up dying for his safety
- It was not until the coming of the Naaru that he could rebuild his career with a thirst for vengeance, and claiming what he ultimately wants.
- Recently taken up the title of Master Blood Knight, alongside his current status as a travelling crusader and exorcist, acting under orders from the Phoenix Guard
- Currently, he is a part time bartender in Silvermoon City, keeping a finger on the pulse of gossip in the city
- Is a keen engineer; Takes any opportunity to use his own methods in things. They are usually explosive or involve mechanical animals.

- Allegedly related to a Night Elf. He claims that Avalarch is his 'bro', and vice versa.

- Mastered the use of his charisma, possibly from working in the bar. Knows when to draw a sword.

-Since his mastership, he has gained am armory of various weapons for all sorts of occasions in a secret location in Eversong Woods. Prepared for a fair few occasions.

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