Beorg Drathenor


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin
Age: 26
Born: Westfall
Home: Ironforge
Title: ?
Type: ?
Known Alts:

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character's history

-Born on a farm in Westfall, son of a farmer's daughter and a Stormwind paladin.
- Joined the army at age 18.
- Was stationed near Stratholme.
- Fell in love with a girl named Julie Manetheren.
- Had to do an horrible thing, which until this day renders him unable to touch a sword.
- Left the army when Arthas arrived several days later.
- Returned to Stormwind and joined the order of Paladins. Studied herbalism and alchemy in an attempt to heal the scourge's disease.
- Lost his father to an orc ambush shortly after the war.
- Joined the Silverbrand Cohort after reading a poster in Ironforge.
- Became Councillor and later Chief Councillor in the Silverbrand Cohort.

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