Character Sheet Example

Character's full name


Race: (human,tauren,draenei,gnome etc.)
Gender: (male or female)
Class: (druid, hunter, warlock, paladin etc.)
Level: (1-70)
Age: (how old would your char be by now?)
Born: (born in… Thelsamar, Stormwind, Gilneas, Starfall village etc.)
Home: (where do you live now? Ironforge, Thrallmar, Allerian stronghold? etc.)
Title: (guild rank or made up RP title)
Type: (main, alt, bank/mule? if this is an alt, who's the Main?)
Known Alts: (is it known if this char has any alts/main(s)?)

Making headlines

Headlines like these are made simply by placing two plusses in front of the word or short sentance you want to have as a headline. Such headlines automatically appear in the Table of Content at the top of this page. You can make headlines about anything you want! The most complete list could include all the headlines you see below 'browse!' (As such, you can simply copy this page's code into your page and delete the first four headlines and just start filling in.)

Horizontal lines

to make the page more organized try putting in four 'minusses' in a row, the code will turn it into a horizontal line on your page.


Images are a little harder to do.
First of all you need to have your image ready. This must be from another internet source. Photobucket is a good solution to this if you don't have a personal site you can put a (small) picture on.
After that use the 'insert' image button in the edit window and copy-paste the image's url into code.

Alternatly you could contact Aerillian in-game to ask to take a screenshot of you. The picture will then find it's way to the corresponding page ;)


we encourage you to look at the scripts in pages. You can learn a lot from looking at how other people script things, but please, do not alter them.

Physical Appearance

Character's psyche

Positive traits

Negative traits


Guild affiliation and rank

Professions and skills

Talent builds

Synopsis of character's history

Character's history (in detail)

Character's journal

RP mod description



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