Cordystasia Calsolian


Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Level: 10
Age: 147 years
Born: Goldenmist Village, Quel’thalas
Home:Silvermoon City, Quel’thalas
Title: Dame, Bloodmage
Nickname: “CC”
Type: alt
Known Alts: Aerillian(main) A, Malorienne A, Lye H, Maèra A
Char created: December 29th 2007, 19:10

Physical Appearance

Cordystasia stands just as tall as the average Blood Elf, has a pale peach coloured skin, akin to healthy humans and dwarves and emerald green eyes. Indeed, one could say that her physiology is nothing out of the ordinary. She keeps her hair, coloured deep ruby red, in luscious, organic locks. Her features are sharp, like that of most elves and has a certain undeniable cruel look in her finely make-up lined eyes. The only notable feature that truely distinguishes her from a crowd of Blood Elves is a scar running from the left side back of her jaw to just before her chin. This she usually covers up with a cowl, or a high collar.

Character's psyche

Having witnessed quite some drama in the past, like first the death of her father during the Second War and later the death of her mother and brother, and the decimation of her homeland in the Third War, Cordystasia has become somewhat of a control freak regarding certain aspects in life. As such the joining of the Blood Elf movement was nothing but a token step, since her points of view nearly exactly match those of the Blood Elf community as a whole.
She lingers not to take up power whenever she can, wielding it with deadly precision and cruelty to try fill up the gap in her emotional wellbeing. She can seem distant at times, or equally very sociable. Being the fickle lady that she is, most others have a hard time trying to assess her mood and/or personality

Positive traits

  1. Not afraid to try something new
  2. inquisitive and learned
  3. proficient wielder, ánd devourer, of magic

Negative traits

  1. fickle personality
  2. can have sudden mood swings
  3. thinks herself better than the rest


Father: Alestus Calsolian (deceased)
Mother: Keeli Calsolian, born Halthendris (deceased)

Brother: Ithelis Calsolian (deceased)

Husband: Halen Dawnmark (deceased)

guild affiliation and rank

Guild: -none-
Rank: N/A
Joined: N/A

professions and skills

Tailoring: 110/150
Enchanting: 60/150

First Aid: 2/75
Cooking: 12/75

talent builds

-none yet-

synopsis of character's life

  • Born as youngest child in the ruling House of Nobles of Goldenmist Village, Quel’Thalas.
  • Spent a normal childhood like most High Elves would have.
  • At age 47 (young adolescent) went to Tranquillien to learn the fine arts of the Arcane.
  • At age 67, she travels to Dalaran for further studies to write her scripture.
  • Some years later she travels to Caer Darrow to live with her father who is a Runestone keeper.
  • All goes well for several years untill the Orcs seize the Caer Darrow runestone.
  • Cordystasia survives barely, bearing a big scar on her jaw, but her father, and most others, are slain.
  • She retreats to Quel’thalas, only to come to the conclusion the Orcs advance upon the lands.
  • Ithelis fights for his homeland, but it slain. Eventually the Orcs are pushed back by the Alliance.
  • After the 2nd War Cordystasia looses faith in the Alliance, like a fair amount of High Elves.
  • She spends the next 20 years as a teacher in the Falthrien Academy.
  • Obtained a ‘pet Orc’ but had to put him down at age 14, since he became to strong.
  • during that time meets Halen Dawnmark, another teacher, the two fall in love.
  • eventually they marry. Some time later Cordystasia is expecting.
  • The Third War starts and the Undead march upon Quel’thalas to destroy it.
  • Tensions rise high as Halen is sent to the frontline.
  • During this absence and meeting death head-on, he is disloyal the night before the battle.
  • He survives and as the Scourge leaves Quel’thalas the two are rejoined.
  • Her mother and loved ones have died.
  • Her emotional scars and relapse of magic make her join the Blood Elf movement, age 111.
  • Moved to Silvermoon City, she becomes a mother, age 112.
  • the family spent the last few decades studying more sinister ways to gather magic.
  • During that time found out about Halen’s disloyalty. For that she kills him and binds his spirit.
  • After this deed she puts up her six year old daughter for adoption.
  • Continues her sinister practices for the next nine years.
  • Travelled back to Sunstrider island to extract more knowledge from the Falthrien Academy.
  • (start of the WoW character) (her daughter should be 15 by now)
  • Meets a Farstrider known as Carantil Goldthorn.

character's history

early childhood

studying the arcane

life at Caer Darrow

the Second War

the Third War

Rise of the Blood Elves

How dare you?!

Quest for Magic

RP mod description

Without any really obvious deviations Cordystasia looks just like every common Blood Elf. Her features are sharp, her skin is healthy and her gaze is insidious. When she moves her head you have a chance to see a big scar running from the back of her jaw to her chin, this is usually covered by a lock of deep red hair, or a high collar.
Also you sporadically glimpse an orb or red energy circling around her.

Her gaze sharp and analytical seems to look into your soul when your gaze meets hers. You notice her gait is a proud and determined one. Although you have trouble trying to assess her current mood…

(for more info on Cordystasia, visit:

RP gear

  • Blood Elf Bandit Mask X
  • Silvermoon Robes X
  • Crimson Silk Shoulders X
  • Recruit’s Shirt X
  • Tattered Cloth Boots X
  • Red Mageweave Gloves X
  • Imperial Red Cloak X
  • Staff of the Sun X

(X marks items not yet attained)

Mounts & Companions

Cordystasia has no mounts, neither does she have the know-how on riding.
The only companion she has, next to her two friends, is a small red orb of energy….

Some speculate it to be something like the principal of the Verdant Spheres, used by most Blood Mages, yet sometimes the orb seems to have consciousness or even a slight will of it’s own.


  1. complete RP set
  2. join a good RP guild
  3. obtain a mount
  4. obtain an epic mount
  5. get tailoring to 375
  6. get enchanting to 380
  7. try to obtain as much recipes and patterns as possible


  • What? That? Oh it’s nothing, merely my husband…
  • Enslave? What do you take me for? A Warlock? I only intend to suck the Fel out of it and dump the shrivelled carcass somewhere.
  • Demon essence does so bring out the green in my eyes…


  • She’s a typical example of someone terribly spoilt at a very young age.
  • Actually she doesn’t care for others’ names. She usually makes variations on the actual names.

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