Character’s name


Race: Draenei
Gender: Male
Class: Shaman
Level: 70
Age: ??
Born: Draenor
Home: Telaar
Title: Far Seer
Type: Battle Shaman
Known Alts: Teva, Lipwig
Char created: ?

Physical Appearance

Dalgav is blue, quite strikingly so. He is both tall and muscular, and seems to have no trouble wielding large weaponry. Four facial appendages sprout from his chin like the roots of a fleshy tree, giving him a somewhat intimidating appearance. In all, he seems almost bare of battle scarring or marks of war; strange, considering his class. He also has a tail, a terrific addition for any Draenei.

Character's psyche

Positive traits

  1. Manly
  2. Blue
  3. Has a tail

Negative traits

  1. Obsessed with 'being manly'
  2. Is quick to judge others based on 'manliness'
  3. Unintelligent


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brothers: Unknown
Sisters: Unknown

guild affiliation and rank

Guild: Silverbrand Cohort
Rank: Hireling
Joined: ?

professions and skills

Primary profession: Leatherworking
Secondary profession: Skinning

Riding: Expert

talent builds


synopsis of character's life

  • Born at the Temple of Karabor
  • Met Alean
  • Began Shaman training and started on his quest to reach Draenor

character's history

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character's journal

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