Isabella 'Dumpling' Hayfoot


Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Level: 70?
Age: 19
Born: ?
Home: ?
Title: 'scout'
Type: Main
Known Alts:

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Life’s history:
-Born little over 18 years ago from Tyke Hayfoot and Samantha Joanna Rosepeddle
-Natural Blond ( Uses special dye to keep her hair pink)
-Showed Great interest in her uncle Leo's enginering projects at a very early age.
-For years on end she watched in facination as her uncle Leo (Leopold Hayfoot) blew up one shed after another while mixing fuel for his devices. She Vowed to one day be as great an engineer as he was (eventhough he was not that good to be honest). Leo's Wife, Aunt Beth, hated Leos enginering. not really because it kept him out of the house, but mostly because it wasn't making any money. Beth and Leo married under false beliefs… Leo thought Beth was a blond, and Beth thought that Leo was rich, neither of wich was true. hence their marriage was far from peacful.

-After a brief period of membership with a mob called the elites of the shadows Dumpling found herself longing for more…. a place to call home. She found it in the military unit known as the Dwarven District Guard.

-One Day when Dumpling was nearing her 18th birthday Uncle Leo (the selfproclaimed Greatest engineer in the world) launched his newly built flying machine and set off never to be seen again. What happened to Uncle Leo is unknown. Dumpling asumed he was either dead or laying on a beach somewhere in kalimdor, enjoying the sun with a blond woman beside him.

-Recently, as she was flying a gryphon over Ironforge towards the foothills, Dumpling noticed the wreckage of an air craft that reminded her of the device Leo had built. she's been wondering how to get to the wreckage ever since.

-Dumpling has now been Promoted to Captain of the Guard and is quite proud of herself, though she still doubts if she's tough enough to lead such a fine unit.

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