Endorin Shadowclaw


Race: Night Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Druid
Level: 70
Age: 9000+
Born: Ashenvale
Home: ?
Title: ?
Type: Main

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character's history

- born in Ashenvale a few years before the Well of Eternity was built
- became one of the druids in service of Malfurion
- after studying the ways of the druids he went into Emerald Dream with other druids
- he was in hibernation for all these years until lately waken up to protect Ashenvale from orcs
- after following the path of the claw he fought greenskin raiders with courage and savagery
- he followed orders of Malfuroin to unite with humans and orcs to defeat Archimonde
- he decided to travel the world to clean it of undead but never forgot his hatered for orcs
- joined ranks of Silverbrand Cohort
- seeks to destroy all the undead

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