Gnomisch Bodyguards
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Who are they?

The 'Gnomish Bodyguards' is a small ensemble of Gnomes trained in protecting people and cargo. Though usually stationed in Ironforge, they lend there services to anyone in the Alliance and will travel accordingly.


The 'Gnomish Bodyguards' where used to spark the initial chain of the Silver Story, making them somewhat the catalyst of it all. Four of the bodyguards where contracted to guard mr. Fodswallop and his colleague from Ironforge to Stormwind. Though during the trip on the Deeprun Tram they where ambushed and the cargo was stolen. One of the four bodyguards died that evening in the chaos and delerium of events.


the only known Gnomish Bodyguards are:

  • mr. Gnoall (played by Huw)
  • mr. Rorslik (played by Siluk)
  • mr. Henquack (played by Aunir)
  • mrs. Chanta (played by Dumpling)
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