Job Openings

interested in joining the Silver Story initative?

first I can say is:

''LFM 4 TSS!!!1!eleven''

meaning: Looking For Moderators for the Silver Story…

what we expect moderators to do:

1. keep a collective eye on (rp)guild demography on DMF server
(not as intimidating as it sounds, merely means that should you notice, hear or come across any info regarding big changes in (rp)guilds, please notify)
2. keep a collective eye on the information on this wiki
(same as above)
3. help/answer questions about the Silver Story to anyone who's interested
4. help spread the word of this initiative
5. most importantly: creative input and some organisational ability to (help) set up future TSS events
(storytelling galore… what else did you think the forum was for? (mostly))


TSS administrator: Aerillian
TSS moderators: ???

Affiliated guilds: Silverbrand Cohort, Phoenix Guard

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