Lylian 'Lye' Ebonmere


Race: Forsaken
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Level: 20
Age: 32 years
Born: Blacklake, Alterac, Azeroth
Home: anywhere profitable
Title: Deathguard
Type: Alt
Known Alts: Aerillian (main), Malorienne

Physical Appearance

Like all Forsaken Lye's undead body shows decay. In her case, quite severe decay. Most of it in areas that are prone to stress and use such as elbows, knees and knuckles, but appart from that Lye's face has also sustained quite some damage.
Most of the skin around her face is either ripped away or partly rotting, this in combination with an absence of her eyeballs, eyelids, nose and lips give her face a skeletal and eery expression.
The leather straps spanning over her nose and empty eyesockets complete the grim visage.

Character's psyche

Lye is the kind of person that does not know terms like 'friends' or 'foes', to her, everyone is a potential 'client', unless they pay enough that is. The only exception to this is her sister Esthe with which she nearly always travels. Lye has quite the synical, decadent and even slightly sadistical mind. Her view on life is rather blackhearted. As such she uses her unlife to 'live' it to the full… much like she used to do when she was still alive…

Positive traits

she's loyal to paying costumers I guess…

Negative traits

What are negative traits for a Forsaken one might think?
Lye does have a certain knack for sadism and synical remarks. Most Forsaken see these as virtues rather than vices.


Father: Berithold Alonsus Ebonmere (presumed dead)
Mother: Constance McDamisca (deceased)

Sister: Esthelle 'Esthe' Ebonmere (Forsaken)
Brother: Marcus Ebonmere (presumed dead)

Husband: Jonathan Silverlaine (deceased)
Father-in-law: Baron Silverlaine (deceased)

guild affiliation and rank

No guild yet

professions and skills

Journeyman Skinner
Journeyman Leatherworker

talent builds

so far Combat mostly…
Talent tree still forming

synopsis of character's life

  • born of noble blood in the little village of Blackwood, Alterac
  • lived a 'carefree' childhood in her eyes, though everyone else disagrees
  • was married off against her will to Jonathan Silverlaine, age 18
  • living in southern Lordaeron she evaded the descimation of Alterac (WarII)
  • killed her husband and was sentanced to death
  • her mutilated body was stolen bij Cultists of the Damned
  • was risen as an undead and deployed in battle by the Lich King (WarIII)
  • fell in battle defending Andorhal from random adventurers (WoW)
  • arose again, but this time as a Forsaken
  • against all odds reunited with her sister Esthe
  • began exploring the world together with her sister

character's history

Early life

Living life was easy for the young little Lylian. Being of noble blood in a very small hamlet in a secluded portion of the Alterac mountains made the youngster's world look care free. She used to spend quite some time playing (or more like teasing and bullying) her four year older sister Esthelle and her two year younger brother Marcus.
Young Lylian managed to get away with a lot of mischief during her childhood. This was because her father was so keen on his two daughter which he knew would provide him the ticket to the high society if they where married off to the right families.
Because of this Lylian never got a stop on her volatile temprament… Eventually things turned for the worse.


At the age of eighteen Lylian was married off to Jonathan Silverlaine, only son of the aging baron Silverlaine of Silverpine. Being the free spirit that she was, Lylian tried anything to squeeze herself out of this marriage sharade, but unfortunatly she did not manage to. As such she was forced to move in at Castle Silverlaine and live her good and virtuous life as the wife of a noble.
Of course it wasn't long before she was up to her old tricks: if it where laying a cow's head in the housemaid's bed, writing offensive texts on the townhall wall or setting the cat on fire, 'just for a laugh', she did. The only bright side of this all was that Lylian, being in Lordaeron, was safe from the Alliance's retribution on the nation of Alterac for working with the Horde. Even the news of this did not really shake her… Her biggest escapade was yet to come.


After four years of marriage and constant bickering and trying to talk some sense into Lylian. Jonathan found himself hit on the head with a candleholder after a volatile arguement with his 'beloved wife.' Too dazed to move or speak Lylian found that there was only one solution left to end the everlasting arguements… as such she hanged Jonathan from the rafters in the bedroom.
Promptly after the discovery of this gruesome murder Lylian was sent back to her father who had gone into hiding in the ruins of Alterac along with other petty nobles. Once back 'home' she ws publicly set on trial once and for all her crimes to great dismay of her father, sister and brother who where present.
At the end of the trial the cladistine judges found her guilty and sentanced her to death.
She was to hung from Deadman's Tree… an old, dead oak on a hill quite a distance from Blackmere.
That night some of the old residents of Blacklake came up the hill to defile the dead body further by viciously maiming her face to make sure no one could recognize her…

the Scourge

the following night some followers of the Cult of the Damned who had been incognito at the hearing pulled the dead body from the tree. to them Lylian was nothing but a fresh sample to experiment on with the Plague. After a horde of cruel experiments on the partially awakened Lylian the cultists had their breakthrough and where able to enlist Lylian, into the armies of the Lich King. As such she helped in the battle to overthrow Andorhal. She had been stationed there to guard the town day after day, without rest, without sleep, without food for years untill recently she fought a band of adventurers that finally bested her…

the Forsaken

She awoke again, but this time her mind again her own. After such long time of horror and slavery servitude she has renounced her past, now calling herself Lye. Against all odds, when she wandered the Deathknell graveyard, she encounterd her sister Esthelle, also a Forsaken now. The both have been inseperable eversince.

RP mod description

Formerly known as Lylian Ebonmere, 'Lye' is the only name with which she wants to be adressed nowadays. Synical and decadent, the body mirrors the soul. As you look across her face you feel a stinging glare from the empty, leather-spanned eyesockets. Her face rotten. It is impossible to see wether her unpleasant visage was ravaged by mutilation or severe decay…

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  • (when still alive)

maid: Lady Lylian, where ís master Jonathan?
Lye: He's hanging in the bathroom
maid: *gasp* why??!
Lye: *shrugs* because there wasn't a hook in here!

  • I'd roll my eyes if I still had any!
  • The last time I looked in a mirror I still had a face, so what's your point?


  • no link intended with lye as a chemical mixture…
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