Malorienne Silverwillow


Race: Night Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Druid
Level: 34
Age: 10.724
Born: Oneiros, Feralas, Kalimdor
Home: Astranaar, Ashenvale Forest, Kalimdor
Title: Cenarion Druid (formerly 'of the Talon')
Type: Alt
Known Alts: Aerillian(main)(A),Lye(H),Maèra(A),Cordystasia(H)

Physical Appearance

Malorienne stands at average hight for a Night Elven female and her pose is usually seductive. This is usually caused by the way she is clad. Her hair is worn fairly short and is deep purple in colour. Her facial features are feminine and sharp. furthermore she is a rather normal person, although she is concidered beautiful.

Character's psyche

The transpired events of a few years ago have taken their toll on Malorienne. Having lost her immortality like all night elves she now has made a subcontious descision to live the remainder of her life to the full. As such some of her more… feral… instincts go somewhat inprohibited. Not that the males mind though…

Positive traits

Malorienne has a very outgoing personality, she loves a good joke, a good story and a good mug of ale.
She loves to talk to people and attempt to seduce them just for the fun of it.

Negative traits

Malorienne's feral aspects sometimes get the better of her.
She is anything but the settling type.
She uses men to fit her needs.


father: Hamaranad Silverwillow
mother: Lorelya Moonsong

guild affiliation and rank

Guild: Silverbrand Cohort
Rank: 'Hireling'
Joined october 18th 13:15

professions and skills

Herbalism: 300/300
Alchemy: 280/300

Cooking: 280/300
First aid: 300/300

Riding: 0/0

talent builds

Feral mostly
-will put the destined talent tree up someday-

character's history

-Born in Oneiros, Feralas
-Became childhood-friends with Naradia Shadowriver
-Lives a somewhat carefree existence untill she joins the Cenarion Circle, aged 160

character's journal

RP mod description

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When someone was rude to her or when she doesn't know what to say for a moment:
Has anyone ever told you you look silly?


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