Elder Melchion Amonian Maznachaar


Race: Draenei
Gender: Male
Class: Shaman
Level: 23
Age: passed 25.000 years of age
Born: Naato city, Argus
Home: Exodar, Azuremyst Isle, Azeroth
Title: the Ancient
Type: alt
Known Alts: ?
Char created: March 18th 2007, 23:04

Physical Appearance

Elder Maznachaar is a tall and bulky Draenei. One would estimate his height about the same as the regular Draenei male, but because of his slight hunch he is somewhat taller. His skin is dark yet overall dull, as if dusty or coarse. This certainly can be said of his broad hands and aged face. Speaking of his visage, the Elder displays but a single facial appendage trailing down from the middle of his chin. A long moustache hides a grim mouth and the wrinkles in his face are nearly as deep as the scar running down from horn structure on the frontal bone to his eye socket. The Elder misses one eye, it’s eyelids skilfully sewn shut as to not leave any scars of it’s own. Still the Elder chooses to hide the eye behind either an eyepatch or usually a lens.

Character's psyche

Being one of the oldest Draenei still alive Elder Maznachaar is viewed by most with a sense of respect. Mostly due to his friendship with Velen the Prophet. Since he is one of the oldest humanoids on the face of Azeroth his sense of life, death, peace and war are profound and strict. He is not a person to interact with likely since the Elder’s sense of humor abandoned him millennia ago.

Positive traits

  1. very ‘down to earth’
  2. can relate to nearly everyone due to his long life’s experiences
  3. very wise and ‘mentor-like’
  4. stong, like a protector (despite his age!)

Negative traits

  1. truly has *no* sense of humor
  2. can be somewhat condescending
  3. musty smell occasionally (like all old people)
  4. rather stubborn


Father: Acthoon Maznachaar (deceased)
Mother: Yix Maznachaar, born Maalaah (deceased)

First wife: Oomni Sa’teen (deceased)
Second wife: Laakna Amootra (deceased)
Third wife: Doramni Lis (deceased)

children: seven, all deceased

Old Friend: Velen the Prophet (living in the Exodar)

guild affiliation and rank

Guild: -none-
Rank: N.A.
Joined: N.A.

professions and skills

Blacksmithing: 89
Engineering: 98

First Aid: 129

Riding: 0

talent builds


synopsis of character's life

  • Born in the Draenei city of Naato on Argus
  • After his youth started education as a mage in Mac’Aree
  • After his college years got a job and climbed the ladder to city councilman of the Eastern district of Mac’Aree.
  • Married Oomni
  • Met Velen, became friends
  • life went on for some hundred years or so
  • Sargeras contacted the ancient Eredar
  • many debates followed, eventually Velen led a giant exodus from Argus as Kil’jaeden and Archimonde got corrupted.
  • Oomni followed Kil’jaeden and became Man’ari.
  • Lived as a rueling councilman and mage co-leader to the now called Draenei people for millennia on their nomadic trek through the worlds.
  • Married Laakna
  • Laakna died during one of many clashes with the Burning Legion
  • Eventually settled on Draenor.
  • Lived in the Temple of Karabor.
  • Married Doramni
  • Moved to Shattrath city.
  • Due to stubbornness and disagreement with Velen the pair’s friendship grew a little thin.
  • During the Orcish wars fought in the Shattrath battle.
  • Doramni died at the hands of the Orcs
  • After the destruction of Draenor learned the way of the Shaman from Farseer Nobundo.
  • Traveled with Velen and most other Draenei to the Netherstorm to fight the Blood Elves
  • Survived the crash on Azeroth
  • Continues to explore the new planet

RP mod description

Tall for Draenei standards, despite his somewhat hunched pose. His bulky appearance and dark skin fit well the grim expression on his face. His skin is dull and wrinkled. You clearly see he is truly ancient. A big scar runs from his hornplate down to his right eye socket and down to halfway his cheek. You notice he wears an eye patch over his right eye. And beneath the two tufts of his long, silvery moustache he clenches his jaw, resulting in a grim mouth.
You assess he is not someone to interact with lightly…



  • You would think the same if you had lived as long as I have.
  • Don’t let my weathered appearance deceive you…
  • I am old, not weak, young one!
  • Call me ‘elder Maznachaar’, I insist. Show some respect to you’re your elders,


  • Maznachaar is one of the oldest surviving Draenei left alive. Only a hand full, including Velen surpass him in age.
  • Such an elaborate history… and no one knows him.

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