Magdalena Mephala Blackthrone


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Level: 70
Age: 46
Born: Lordaeron
Home: ?
Title: ?
Type: ?
Known Alts: ?

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character's history

- Born to a noble household in the area now known as Deathknell, Lorderon
- Joined the army alongs side her priest sister to battle the scourge
- During the siege left her sister to die, only to watch her rise again as a deadite.
-Discharged from the army, drifted with a steamwheedle mercenary company.
-lost her eyes and nearly her life aiding the orcs at warsong gulch.
-Encountered a shadowpriest and picked up a very twisted view of life and death, and a complete hatered of the undead.
-drifted to stormwind, joining a gang of thieves
-took over the thieves after the "Dissapearance" of it's leader, and eventually formed them into the League.
-Now sells a ritualised form of murder.
-Is waiting for the "Big" assassination. Her deadite sister….

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