Mishrack Dun-Haldren


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin
Level: 70
Age: 79
Born: Ironforge
Home: Ironforge
Title: "General"
Type: Main
Known Alts: Tialdin

Physical Appearance

A young adult, by dwarven standards, Mishrack proudly displays a full and heavily braided beard interweaved with strands of silver. Likewise, his thick black hair is gathered through sturdy runed silver ring - the only two hints of a dwarf of some wealth. From under bushy eyebrows, gentle brown eyes peer out at the world however laced with hints of a steely determination. Around his neck hangs a thin silver chain culminating in a small clasp holding a lock of flaming red hair that he often holds by his hear when in deep contemplation. He wears heavy plated armour which he keeps in immaculate condition, and has an enormous war hammer strapped on his back.

Character's psyche

At a young age, Mishrack was approached by Northshire Clerics spreading the teachings of the Light, which he readily took as his own. He fought in the Great Wars, experienced its horrors and faced the decimation of Lordaeron by the scourge also. Together, these have led him to loathe dabbling in dark arts and witchery more than anything else, leading him down the path of a blessed crusader and witch-hunter. However fanatical his faith, however, he is not above sampling the finer things in life and can often be found in an ale house with a female or two on his lap - though arguably less so since his wedding with Ara Deneghar. Having managed to gain service in Uther Lightbringer's Order of Paladins in the Second War, and subsequently served him till his death, Mishrack considers the mere human his personal Idol, Mentor and Hero, and strives everyday to live up to his ideals.

Positive traits

  • Strong notions of Honour, Duty and Responsibility.
  • Immensely dedicated to those who have earned his trust and friendship.
  • Warm, caring and with an eye for beauty.

Negative traits

  • Over-zealous and a fanatic.
  • Slow to trust.
  • Loose morals on some issues, like drink and womanizing.
  • Thoroughly distrustful and disdainful of Elves and Draenei.
  • Stubborn


Proud member of the Bronzebeard Clan.
Father: ThroĆ­n Dun-Haldren (deceased)
Mother: Maera Dun-Haldren Farmountain
Uncle: Tialdin Dun-Haldren
Aunt: Ziazan

Wife: Ara Deneghar-Dun-Haldren

guild affiliation and rank

Co-founder of The Silverbrand Cohort.
Current Rank: Brandsworn & Guild master Emeritus
Founding Date: 1st october 2006

Co-founder of the Blackmist Brigade
Rank: Brigadier
Founding Date 11th May 2008

professions and skills

Master Hammersmith (375)
Master Miner (375)

talent builds

Currently Retribution (5/11/45)

character's history

Born into the Bronzebeard clan, a lot was expected of the young Mishrack, especially by his uncle Tialdin who foresaw a great figurehead of dwarves under High-Thane Magni in him. By the time he could be considered an adult dwarf however, Mishrack had spent most of his life following the path of the warrior yet never found himself at ease with his lot in life. Around the First War, though, a handful of Clerics were sent to Ironforge, spreading the Light within the City beneath the Mountain and they soon gained an avid faithful in the confused Mishrack.

Much to his uncle's chagrin, Mishrack soon became obsessed with his new faith in which he showed an astounding zeal. A whole new world of understanding and knowledge had opened itself on the dwarf, answering doubts that had long gnawed within him unconsciously, and he now knew where his path would lie. As the Second War broke out, Mishrack had undertaken a pilgrimage to Lordaeron, then the religious seat of the Alliance, relentlessly badgering the newly formed Order of the Silver Hand. Almost exclusively human, the Order under Uther was very reluctant to annoint non-human paladins, but in the heat of battle against the Orcs a select few dwarves managed to impress and were eventually welcomed into the Order. Mishrack, as one of those few, had finally found his calling.

Mishrack has since led Major alliance efforts against the great evils of the world, be they horde, Burning Legion or the Scourge. Having co-founded and later led the Silverbrand Cohort, Mishrack grew weary of bickering and the growing focus on what he deemed to be pointless endeavours at the cost of leaving Evil unchallenged. Thus, following the great battles of the Barrens and the Shimmering Flats, where he earned the rank of General and led a valiant defence of Alliance forces alongside Saranini the Gnome, Mishrack disappeared from the public eye.

Only many moons later, at the call of his old Kaldorei brother-in-arms Marcus Livius, did Mishrack return to the lands of the Alliance to once more lend his strength, zeal and determination to the Cause. Together, they persuaded the retired priest Peronius Barrowgrin to also pick up his adventuring cloak once more, 'ere banding together like the olden days and prepare..

(More to come)


"And you know what we do with witches, don't you?" "Aye! We BURN them!"

"Of course she's a grumpy goat.. would YOU milk her? Think of the pressure!"

"Easy as Goblin pie.."


  • Mishrack suffers from extreme phobia of critters. Especially spiders.
  • He met his pet druid in Darkfathom Deeps in a pug long ago. The druid kept him giggling for days by not being able to make a small jump from one platform to another, despite his "superior agility and grace".
  • Though highborne among dwarves into the ruling clan of Ironforge, Mishrack has shunned all political and traditional duties expected of a dwarf of his station, in favour of his service to the Light. Something that has not sat well with his kinsmen at large.
  • Was awarded the honourary rank of General when given command over the Alliance army in the Battles of the Gold Road, Steamwheedle Port and the Shimmering Flats.
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