Naradia Shadowriver


Race: Night Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Level: 33
Age: 10.747
Born: Oneiros, Feralas, Kalimdor
Home: Astranaar, Ashenvale Forest, Kalimdor
Title: -
Type: Main
Known alts: Esthe

Physical Appearance

Naradia stands at about average hight for a Night Elf. Conciderably larger than humans and other even smaller races. Her pose is usually a proud one.
Her complexion is somewhat paler and more in a blue hue than one might expect from most Night Elves. Another notable feature is her night-blue hair, usually worn in one thick braid.

Character's psyche

Naradia is somewhat cynical to certain events in life, this is due to the fact that she has lived through quite some harsh times. She is anything but the settling type and sees men and women of every race and age merely as potential enemies. She really needs people to prove themselves to her in order for her to trust them.

Positive traits

  • down to earth
  • honest
  • honorable

Negative traits

  • distrustful
  • cynical
  • headstrong


father: Al'thorin Shadowriver
mother: Gallinnea Mar'thín

husband: Jothael Oakenbark

guild affiliation and rank

-none yet-

professions and skills

journeyman skinner
journeyman leatherworker

apprentice fisherman
apprentice cooking
journeyman first aid

talent builds

mainly combat
-full talentbuild in progress-

synopsis of character's history

-Born in Oneiros, Feralas
-Became childhood-friends with Malorienne Silverwillow
-Lives a somewhat carefree existence untill she joins the Sentinels, aged 195.
-Naradia fights for the liberation of her people, aged 727 she survives the Sundering
-One year later she joins Maiev Shadowsong's newly formed group of Watchers to guard the Betrayer
-Spends a near 10.000 years underground untill Tyrande Whisperwind leads a raid to set the Betrayer free. Naradia is one of few survivors.
-Naradia is part of Maiev's hunting party to capture Illidan. She travels to the Broken Isles.
-Here she meets her presumed-to-be-dead husband, transformed now into a viscious naga. She slayed him.
-After Maiev's narrow escape from the Tomb of Sargeras is it Naradia who is appointed to Runner to go and warn Shan'do Stormrage.
-After fulfilling her duety by warning the Shan'do, the slaying of her late husband made her descide to leave the Watchers.
-She settles in the Bitter Reaches of Azshara.
-Through letters gets back in touch with Malorienne.
-Naradia travels to Teldrassil to meet her childhood friend
-The duo travels to Khaz Modan to both forget their past and cope with the new pressure of mortality.

character's history

Early life

Naradia Shadowriver was born 10.727 years before the Opening of the Dark Portal in a Night Elven city by the name of Oneiros in Feralas. Just like every child she was eventually sent to school to learn the ways of Night Elf culture and language. It was here allready that she would meet the person who would remain her best friend throughout all the life-long years: Malorienne
The two spent a lot of time together or playing games with the other children. As such she had a care free life. As the two grew older and became full fledged members of society it was time to choose a path in life. Where Malorienne trailed off towards the new hype of 'druidism,' Naradia chose to remain with both legs firmly on the ground, favoring skill with blades.

The Call

As such, aged 195, the time had come for the duo to part ways. Swearing to keep in contact though lengthly letters Malorienne made way to the far away Moonglade where as Naradia said goodbye to the safety of her home city in favor of training in the Sentinel Army at Suramar. Over the years she completed her training, still retaining her chain of correspondance with Malorienne. She was stationed in various regions and in that time saw much of the old world.

Life and Love

During a lengthly trip from Suramar to Moonglade to both settle some Sentinel buisiness and pay a visit to Malorienne she met a local tailor in the township of Constellas. Passion was almost instant and the two knew they where made for eachother. A few weeks later, when Naradia was on her way back from the moonglade she paid him another visit. Eventually love could not be stopped: Naradia Shadowriver and Jothael Oakenbark where to be married. In the coming months Jothael would move his small business to Suramar to move in with his beloved wife, since she could not so easily be transferred.
All went well for centuries to come, until…

The Sundering

During the war of the Ancients the Sentinels where hard pressed, as all members of the army Naradia too was sent to the front. In fact, everyone capable was given a weapon and was sent to the front. The war endured throughout the continent and the Kaldorei society as the world had known it was no more. Against demon and Highbore she fought. Even witnessing the first undead released by the dreaded Nathrezim. This battle, above all other hardened her nerves…
The Sundering was the great cataclysm that ended this hidious war. Ancient Kalimdor was blasted appart. Many died, few survived. As such Naradia lost her beloved Jothael.
Nearly everyone she cared for had died, the man she loved had died, but for what?

Recruiting Watchers

As the remnants of the Kaldorei society started to amass at mount Hyjal and the perilous act by Illidan Stormrage had played out, Maiev Shadowsong was quickly appointed to lock the traitor away for all time. Naradia, seeking to fill the gap in her soul was one of the first to be recruited in the ranks of the Watchers; veteran Sentinels stationed for the sole purpose of keeping the betrayer behind bars. This would be the last time in 10.000 that she saw Malorienne. The only friendly face that had survived the Sundering. After that, she went underground.

Breaking him free

The Hunt is on

I renounce you!

Old friends unite

the new 'old world'

RP mod description

FlagRSP & ImmersionRP:

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  • *sighs* I've been living underground too long…
  • Ball!


still somewhat new to Roleplay, but willing to learn and improve ^^

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