Nysaei Aarlo


Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Class: Hunter
Level: ?
Age: 694
Born: Outland
Home: ?
Title: ?
Type: ?
Known Alts: ?

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character's history

When the small amount of remaining Draenei fled to The Exodar, Nysaei followed. Like so many others that were given jobs to do, Nysaei was given to tending any animals aboard the ship.

When the ship crashed on Azeroth, Nysaei found herself next to a crossbow, some bolts and a sword. Speaking with a priest to find out how her family was she decided to set out to find her brother Eaol. It was during her mission to find Eaol that she met Nayrie. A draenei shaman who Nysaei upto that point had been very wary of. This was the start of her future on Azeroth.

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