Race: Draenei
Gender: Male
Class: Priest
Level: ~25
Age: Young-adult/Adult
Born: Nagrand
Home: Sebun doesn't have a home at the moment, he is wandering around Azeroth, trying to find answers to his questions.
Type: Alt of Zugfar(H)
Known Alts: Zugfar(H), Lliasak(H), Jangor(A)

Physical Appearance

Sebun is quite small for a draenei (if asked from himself he doesn't admit this, but says that his is just as the other draenei males), just a bit taller than a typical female one. Sebuns outer appearance clearly shows that he has not been in the battlefields, but learning the and using his medical skills far from it. This doesn't mean that he would be small in a humans eyes though, just in the eyes of a fellow draenei.

The braided long sea green hair he has is clearly a result of years and years of growing. Sebun has some small horns in his head that he is very proud of, especially the one in the middle of his head. The draenei is not wearing any kind of jewelry, besides the rings in the tentacles growing from his chin.

Character's psyche

At the moment Sebun thinks, that all that he does he does for the better of Light. He is strongly against shadow, and uses all that he can to prevent it taking over Light. The bad thing in this is that he can't see that he himself is using shadow to get his message through.

Synopsis of Sebun's history

  • At Draenor
  • Escape from Draenor
  • Mission to establish a draenei embassy to Stormwind
  • Leaving Storwind to find more helpfull people

Character's history (in detail)

The Call for Help

After surviving the crash landing of the Exodar, Sebun was immediatly sent to the capital city of the Alliance to find aid for his kin. Only equiped with a hand drawn map and a walking stick Sebun started his journey towards the Stormwind. After the long and weary walk from the Menethil Harbor Sebun finally found the dwarven city of Ironforge from where he took the Deeprun Tram to Stormwind, after recommended to use it by a friendly dwarf.

After a very odd journey underground Sebun found his way to the Dwarven District of Stormwind. All though he himself didn't quite understand anymore where he was, because there were no humans to be seen. Just when he thought that all was lost Sebun heard a voice behind him. "Hey you over there! Yes you, the big guy.." Sebun turned around and noticed a dwarf in a odd looking armor. After convincing the dwarf that he wasn't part of the Horde, Sebun found out that the dwarf was actually a high-ranking officer of the Dwarf Special Forces named Olaffson. Commander Olaffson quickly understood how the draenei was lost, so he offered to help Sebun find aid for his people from the Cathedral of Light.

But when Sebun finally thought that his mission was completed, and he had found the healers of Alliance to help his kin suffering at the Azuremyst Isle he got to witness the greed of men. The priests offered their help, but they needed Sebun to give them gold before they would do a thing. After hearing this Sebun was shocked, but saw no other way to go than try gathering some of this oh so precious gold to the greedy men. All though Olaffson kindly offered some of his wealth to Sebun, the draenei had to decline the offer. The young draenei was too proud to take dwarfs money, for he had decided to get the money for the humans from the humans.

Still pennyless, but not so lost, Sebun heard from one of the Cathedrals monks that the people in Northshire Abbey had some tasks for him to do. After finding out the way to the Abbey, Sebun took his walking stick out of his backbag and started his search for funding the draenei aid.

The Start of the Embassy

While working hard for the money to get the training from human priests of the Alliance, Sebun heard many rumours of his kins deeds in the lands of humans. For long time Sebun just ignored these rumours and continued working for the cause, but then came the day when he saw what had started all these rumours. Coming back to the inn from the field, the tired draenei saw something that he would never thought that he would see. Two young draenei females dancing naked on the streets of Stormwind, quickly Sebun ran to the females, covering their naked bodies with the bolts of cloth he had in his bag, and asked where they had come to the city and what had gone to them doing something like this. Not giving any sane answer to Sebun the two females ran away from the now shocked draenei.

"This behaviour must be caused by some kind of traumatic shock they got on the crash", Sebun convinced himself. "But if the humans see more of such acts by any of my kin, the draenei people's reputation is gone soon…" he continued speaking to himself "… Unless… Unless there is some one who tells the people of Alliance about the draenei ways and the horrors we have witnessed".

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