Sydiane Breezewalker


Race: Night Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Hunter
Level: 19
Age: 1253 years
Born: Astranaar, Ashenvale Forest, Azeroth
Home: Silverwing Outpost, Ashenvale
Title: Silverwing Sentinel
Type: WSG-twink
Known Alts: ?
Char created: March 26th 2007, 16:03

Physical Appearance

Sydiane is a Night Elf of normal posture, her skin is a medium tone purple and her hair a beautiful night’s blue. She wears her hair bound tightly backward, where a thick ring marks the start of a single, thick braid running down to her lower spine. Wearing her hair so tightly seems to stress the skin on her forehead slightly for her face sometimes seems just a little pale. Sydiane can’t be counted as a beautiful Night Elf, but neither is she ugly. She has a rather narrow face with a slight overbite. Her lips are starting to show the first wrinkles, just like her forehead. She seems to have somewhat bigger eyes, giving her, in certain expressions, a somewhat buggy appearance.

Character's psyche

Born in Ashenvale forest as the third child of an honour bound sentinel and a priestess of Elune, Sydiane has high regards for notions as honour and duty. Also having had to prove herself constantly as to not be treated as inferior by her two brothers she has turned into a capable woman, able to look after herself and others. Of course she also has a completely different side, she can be joyful and loves a good party now and again, but weary of the other races as she is, she treats other culture’s habits with caution. Another notable feature about Sydiane is her strange fascination with spiders…

Positive traits

  1. High sense of honour and duty.
  2. Open and communicative.
  3. Good listener.
  4. very patient.

Negative traits

  1. Somewhat weary of the younger races.
  2. hesitant when dealing with anything ‘new’
  3. very traditional (Night Elven)
  4. often seems a bit stressed


Father: Mardant Breezewalker (deceased)
Mother: Deliantha Breezewalker, born Leafrunner (deceased)

Brother: Andissiel Breezewalker (residing in Darnassus)
Brother: Tanavar Breezewalker (deceased)

guild affiliation and rank

Guild: -none-
Rank: N.A.
Joined: N.A.

professions and skills

Tailoring: 96
Skinning: 75

First Aid: 62

Riding: 0

talent builds


synopsis of character's life

  • Born in Astranaar, Ashenvale
  • Had a childhood where she constantly needed to prove herself, this hardened her.
  • Joined the Sentinels, age 52
  • Protected Ashenvale during numerous skirmishes over the years.
  • Was called to Silithus a thousand years ago to combat the Quiraji threat
  • Survived and returned to Ashenvale.
  • Lived there ever since, fought the Orcs during the Third War.
  • Continues to fight the Orcs on the border of Ashenvale and the Barrens to this day.

RP mod description

As you look at Sydiane you notice a determined expression on her face. The first signs of wrinkles are visible and despite her slight overbite and somewhat larger eyes she cannot be put down as either beautiful, nor ugly. Her hair, worn in a think braid mostly hanging over her shoulder partially obscures a badge revealing her affiliation with the Silverwing Sentinels.



  • This isn’t as it should be…
  • How can spiders be icky?


  • Will only remain a WSG twink until she gets her Silverwing tabard, after that changes to a normal levelling alt.

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