The Phoenix Guard

Guild name


Founder: who
Guild master: who
Officers: who

Estimate number of members: #


Who are they?

some general information about the guild

Ranking system

Guild master

Guild Master (or other name) Who is he/she? What does the guildmaster do? Etc.


Officer (or other name) Who is he/she? What does an officer do? Etc.


Member (or other name) Who is he/she? What does a member do? Etc.


recruit (or other name) Who is he/she? What is expected from a recruit? Etc.


RP policy

What’s the RP story behind this guild? And what are it’s IC goals?
(so don’t put ‘raiding Black Temple’ or something here…)

in-guild policy

What are the rules and policies about interactions within the guild?

other policies…

Anything else you/the guild can think of…

How to join

Most guilds use some sort of system before some one is a full member. Describe that here


Anything else/fun/useless/relevant you can think of regarding this guild.

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