The Silver Story

What is the Silver Story?

In short the Silver Story (or 'TSS') is a massive player-made, inter-guild questchain playing out over various (RP) events.

We are working to encompass both Alliance and Horde in order to make the type of events as diverse as possible (RP, PvE, PvP)

The name: “the Silver Story” refers to the elemental counterpart of gold, since it started as a merely Golden Pact members event but seems to be growing rapidly. ‘Story’ refers to a completally neutral notion, a story can be about anything, to be frank, we have no idea what so ever yet on what the conclusion will be of this chain, where or when it will end…

What is it’s goal?

TSS strives for the creation of common grounds among Role Players, most people, including myself, go to certain or greater lengths to work out the complete history of their characters and writing it down somewhere, (hopefully on this wiki!) mostly only to be read by themselves. This seems to be a lost effort for most of the references or backgrounds of a character almost never truly make it to the actual RolePlay of parties or guild meetings… TSS is a means to create a questchain that doesn’t revolve around Epic locations or vague NPC’s, but around the players that volunteer to help create this thing and as such giving them the chance to RolePlay certain things they wanted to happen sooner or later within the safety of an events chain organized by Darkmoon Faire’s premium RP-ing guilds.

How does it work?

Since the Silver Story revolves around actual players we cannot and *will* not script an event in the form of a screenplay or theater production. The creative process that leads to the various events are mostly done by improvisation on what we read about the characters in this wiki.

'I want to be part of it!'

Very good! then please go ahead and help expand this wiki with all of DMF's RP knowledge. From guild demography to character backgrounds of notable characters of both Horde and Alliance.

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