Tialdin Dun-Haldren


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Class: Hunter
Level: 55
Age: 192
Born: Thelsamar
Home: Ironforge
Type: Alt
Known Alts: Mishrack, Braegir, Jadia

Physical Appearance

An old, but by no means ancient dwarf, Tialdin is endowed with silvery gray hair and beard kept relatively short for his kin. Having spent most of his life in the wilds of Khaz-Modan, his face and skin are furrowed and weathered, though lacking the tell-tale drooping of more aged dwarves. More often than not, his face is contorted in a frown.

Character's psyche

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guild affiliation and rank

Guild: Silverbrand Cohort
Rank: ?
Joined: ?

professions and skills

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Riding: ?

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