Tss01a Ambush

Name: 'Ambush!'
Organisation: The Silver Story
Number: 1
Code: TSS01a
Type of event: RP
Preceded by: none
Succeeded by: the Search
Date of event: 8th april 2007

The story

The Silverbrand Cohort was having one of it's weekly Moots. Though not as usually, in the Pig & whistle tavern, this one was held on the canal bridge spanning from the Trade district to the Old Town. All was progressing as it should. The assembled masses where cheering at the initiates doing their Third Rite, when something unsettling happened…

The event

Ambush! was the first thing they yelled, the storm of high pitched voices neared…
What by the will of Telhamat?! was the first thing to cross my mind. Four battleweary gnomes hastingly made their approach to the assembled masses of the Cohort, standing on the bridge between the Trade Distict and the Old Town. Yelling, screaming incoherent things of an attack in the Deeprun Tram.
Gathered, the Cohort was, to watch the Last Rite of the Initiation ceremony of the new Silverbrands-to-be. A Rite so crudely disturbed by these good people of vertical disposition.

Attack! Ambush! Where some of the things they yelled. They started ranting frantically about what had transpired. Goblins, Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls, everything seemed to do it's passing, the only coherent thing seemed to be the location of the event that had so disturbed them: the Deeprun Tram. Soon the name of Fodswallop Screwmeier fell, as master accountant of the Silverbrand Cohort this was the clue that spiked their attention.

Trying hopelessly to calm the four gnomes down, who hastingly introduced themselves as
[mr. Gnoall mr. Rorslik mr. Henquack and mrs. Chanta], was a delusion of impossibility. All the Cohort could do was follow the hectic scraps of information and head for the Trams.

Once there, another one of the bankers greeted them, going by the name of mr. …
He lead the group of inquisitive adventurers to the place of the crime. Once there the moaning of mr. Screwmeier slowly rose above the hissing of steampipes.
Beaten and bloodied, but still alive the Cohorts finest priests, paladins and phisycians looked after him and eagerly heard his tale…
It appeared that a woman had attacked the six travelers. mr. Screwmeier was apparently transporting an item of high importance: an ancient statuette, it's orginins still unknown but with magical propperties, carried in a sturdy lockbox. The Four Bodyguards went with him for safety and … to look after the transport, purely for bureaucratical purposes.
mr. Screwmeier divulged the appearance of the attacker in some detail to the Cohortians:
The female warrior was a dwarf, with black hair and somewhat dark skin. The most distressing part was that she was wearing a tabbard of the Cohort!

Meanwhile the hyperactive bodyguards continued yelling in tongues about dragons and bombs, none of this seemed true. As the Cohort tried to remain calm to piece together the facts the aggrevation of the gnomes increased. One of them, mr. Rorslik, in his delerium, jumped in front of the tram as it rushed by trying to "dismantle the bomb."
This sad loss shook the recently transpired events even more. But there was naught the Cohort could do at this time. All they could do was escort Fodswallop and the bodyguards out of the trams and let the Stormwind forensics investigate the trams and mr. Rorslik's unfortunate demise…

The aftermath

As the family and colleagues of mr. rorslik mourned for his loss the Cohort had other things than grief on their minds. They would look into the matter… Who was this mistery Dark Iron woman? What exactly was this top secret artifact? and where would she be taking it?
These where questions for another time…

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