Tss02a The Search

Name: 'The Search'
Organisation: The Silver Story
Number: 2
Code: TSS02a
Type of event: PvE - RP
Preceded by: Ambush!
Succeeded by: none
Date of event: 26th may 2007

The story

Several weeks have passed since the unfortunate happenings in the Deeprun Trams. The Silverbrand Cohort has since investigated the death of mr. Rorslik, the attack on mr. Fodswallop Screwmeier and the identity of the Dark Iron woman. A valuable insight came from miss Leyawiin Agate, mage of the Cohort, who linked the Dark Iron woman to Ursulana Firegrip, a half-dark iron lady who left the Thorium Brotherhood for the Cohort, but has not been seen in quite a wile…
As such a band of Cohortians set out to find her and confront her with her mysterious absence in the lands of the Brotherhood…

The event

Under the leadership of Thark, the small force represented by Leyawiin, Nickodemon, Beorg and Zatyana went through the Searing Gorge pass and used every clue they had gathered to track down the elusive dwarf.
Their search led them deep underground into the dangerous Couldron Mines. Here it was their prey hid. Back amongst her Brothers in arms Ursulana Firegrip did not expect her guild members to hunt her down.
Promptly the group was attacked, but the cohort prevailed. Ursulana was quickly to be disarmed, her hands bound behind her back. It was then that Beorg found a note on the woman:

Clearly her actions where in service of a higher force, but what that force was exactly, Ursulana would not tell. As the Cohort escorted their prisoner out of the Couldron they where attacked left and right by Dark Iron saboteurs, trying to kill Ursulana lest her knowledge fell into the wrong hands: the Cohort's hands!
As hard as they try, they did not succeed and Ursulana's cries to be put out of her misery where to no avail. Luckily for the cohort they soon reached the relative safety of Thorium Point, from which Ursulana was transported per Gryphon to the Stormwind Stockade prisons.
Here she would be held untill she would be propperly interrogated.
She had many questions to answer…
Who is the master she served?
What was in it for her?
Why that particular statuette?
Who is 'the Black widow'?
and who would be the target?

Greetings Master,

This humble one informs you that the target had been tracked down,
the Black Widow will soon do it's job.
Also the statuette has been secured…

For Their rise!

Ursulana Firegrip of the Dark Iron

The aftermath

Alas the answers the Cohort sought would not come from Ursulana's mouth since she managed to hang herself in her cell within a week. Without even the location of the lost statuette, all they have now is the mysterious note…

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