Ursulana Firegrip


Race: Dwarf (Dark Iron)
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Level: (char deleted)
Age: 102
Born: Shadowforge City, Blackrock
Home: Stormwind Graveyard
Title: -none-
Type: Alt (now deleted)
Belonged to: Aerillian

Physical Appearance

Dark haired and dark skinned, Ursulana's appearance hints at a Dark Iron heritage. Her skin is not as dark as that of normal Dark Irons and her eyes not burning red, this is due to the fact that her mother was a slave of Wildhammer descent.
Ursulana nearly always had a grim expression on her face. This, combined with wrinkles of age and harsh life had turned to reflect the psyche within. Hard, crude, rigid…
She wore her hair in two thick braids and a big metal ring in each ear.

Character's psyche

Having lived in Dark Iron enviroments she had a rough life, mostly due to the fact of being a halfblood. This tuned her psyche to an oppertunistic degree, seeking only to better herself from situations.

Positive traits

She was a good drinker….

Negative traits

Crude, rigid, loud, need I continue?


Father: Thormus Firegrip
Mother: Ygris Highfeather

guild affiliation and rank

ex-silverbrand of the Silverbrand Cohort
untill her betrayal of course

synopsis of character's life

  • Born from a Dark Iron Slavemaster and a Wildhammer slave.
  • Lived a rough life in Shadowforge City.
  • Learned to take care of herself and to look after (only) herself.
  • Joined the Thorium Brotherhood.
  • Left Blackrock Mountain and settled in the northern mountains of the Searing Gorge.
  • Became a respected member of the Thorium Brotherhood and eventually an ambassador.
  • Left Thorium Point for trade negotiations in Ironforge.
  • Joined the local blacksmiths.
  • rolled into the ranks of the ancient order known as Critical Mass.
  • soon after the Critical Mass was undone under suspecious circumstances…
  • Used her sharp tongue to infiltrate the Silverbrand Cohort.
  • Learned of an ancient artifact…
  • Assaulted the Head of Screwmeier Banking and fled to the Cauldron.
  • Was hunted down and captured, a suspecious note found on her.
  • Was escorted to Stormwind and put in jail.
  • Died during a prisoner riot in the Stockades.
  • Was cremated and ashes scattered over the Stormwind cremation fields
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