Valdor Lighthand


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin
Level: 56
Age: 26 years
Born: Lordaeron
Home: Ironforge (home base)
Title: none
Type: main
Known Alts:
Char created: January 15th 2007

Physical Appearance

Character's psyche

Positive traits

  1. rather universal goodwill to people, almost unable to hate.
  2. strives to be a moral example

Negative traits

  1. can be extremely gullible at times, believing almost everything he reads in books or even what random people tell him.


Father: Benjamin Taylor
Mother: Abigail Taylor born White
Siblings: two sisters, Alice and Patricia

guild affiliation and rank

Guild: Silverbrand Cohort
Rank: Captain
Joined: MAR 05, 2007

professions and skills

Primary profession: Herbalism
Secondary profession: Mining

Riding: Commands a warhorse called "Ironhoof"

talent builds


synopsis of character's life

  • born Lordaeron (somewhere)

character's history

early childhood

continuing life

random headline

another headline

maybe one more…

the cohort

character's journal

RP mod description

bla bla bla


  • Insert quote here…


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