Yalis Jacob Karlstorm


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Mage
Level: 20?
Age: 53
Born: ?
Home: ?
Title: Tavern Owner and Restauranteur
Type: ?
Known Alts: ?

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character's history

-After an incident in Stormwind around year 9 or 10, Yalis entered a self imposed Exile away from the city of his birth.
-During this time he travelled extensively through all the lands. Made some good friends and some interesting enemies.

Good Friends- A Tauren called Yaxeka, An Orc with the mental age of 12 called Trophy whom Yalis saved from execution, and the Famous Silus Darkmoon. (these are for character background purposes, Yalis considers everyone a good friend!)

Not so Good friends: His Astranged undead Sister called Jasmine, certain humans that reside in Stormwind but do not know that Yalis is the same man from the Exile inducing incident!

- Yalis returned to stormwind to open a bar and grill in his favourite city. He hoped not to bump into any of his "old friends".
- The Tavern was sanctioned by the boy king as neutral ground, and this decree was respected by the community at large.
- Since the opening Yalis has been involved in sponsering events, festivals, and gala days. He considers himself servant to the community providing good food and drink, and an open ear to others problems.

- Yalis does have several secrets from his passed including that he had a passionate love affair with Elishja Agate Leyawin's mother. It turns out that Yalis happens to be Leys father.

- He also has another Daughter called Arimiforge, and rumours of yet another daughter, but he has still to learn if this is true. Recently a teenage lad has been saying that Yalis is his father. Yalis is not too sure on this and considers the lad to be a trickster and scam artist.

- Yalis recently sponsered the Redridge Rangers and took over the running of the Lakeshire Inn. He still runs the Ethereal TAvern in Stormwind but it is not as open as often.

- He has plenty staff but hardly sees any of them, so as a result of that he does most of the tavern operating himself

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