Zatyana Alexstrasza Teresea Shainyr Steamvalve


Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Class: Warlock
Level: 70
Age: 48
Home: Ironforge (in exile) / Gnomeregan
Title: ?
Type: Main
Known Alts: Alyastrasza (A), Brenner (A), Chezenta (A), Miroslav (A), Fulgrim (H), Lorgar (H), Stormborn (H)

Physical Appearance

A young adult gnome with large blue eyes, freckles and 2 piercings in each ear.

Character's psyche

Positive traits

Negative traits


Guild Affiliation and Rank

Guild: Silverbrand Cohort
Rank: Silverbrand
Joined: May 26th 2007

Professions and Skills

Engineering: 303
Tailoring: 331

Fishing: 1
Cooking: 41
First Aid: 375

Riding: 225

Talent Builds

43/0/18 Affliction

Character's History

After the evacuation from Gnomeregan, Zatyana started to live in Ironforge and started a company, which went bankrupt several months later. She decided to combine her study into demonology with her profession of inventor/engineer to create machines to fight and to prevent any future invasions of the Burning Legion.



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