Race: Undead
Gender: Male
Class: Warlock
Level: 60
Age: Unknown
Born: Unkown
Home: Undercity, Lordaeron
Title: Scholar, Librarian, Apothecary of the Royal Apothecary Society, and other titles…
Type: ex-main
Known Alts: ?
Char created: ?

Physical Appearance

Zulaen seems like he was human like most other Forsaken, nothing special about him except the clear signs of decay. The remaining hair on his scalp he wears loose and backward. The flesh on his lower jaw rotted away quite some time ago, revealing an array of yellowing teeth.
His empty eye sockets give him an evil and unsettling expression… Not merely because of the lack of eyes, but because his eye sockets bear brutal scars with deep lacerations and dangling skin as if a wild animal had clawed out his eyes.
One more notable feature is something not seen by anyone; beneath his clothes he hides a deep gap in his chest, a hole, punctured right through three of his ribs, where once a heart had beat…

Character's psyche

Zulaen has a very perverse, sadistic and even downright evil mind, even for Forsaken standards! Beyond that, he is a learned man, a scholar with a specialisation in arcane lore and forbidden myths. The combination of ‘evil’ and ‘intelligent’ is a dangerous one. One might somewhat compare his mind with ‘Silence of the Lamb’s Hannibal Lecter.
Although Zulaen has acquired a great deal of knowledge, his life and name before his second resurrection as a Forsaken is shrouded in mystery, indeed, he even doesn’t recall his unwilling service to the Lich King. As such he has no clue as to what happened to his heart. But his eyes, on the other hand…
Zulaen knows all too well that his actions and thoughts are often frowned upon even by other Forsaken, as such he has adopted the guise of a frail old man, which successfully helped him avoiding unwanted attention.

Positive traits

  1. good listener (while in his guise as frail old man)
  2. very cunning
  3. very intelligent
  4. very knowledgeable about the world and it’s lore

Negative traits

  1. very black hearted
  2. sadistic and evil in nature
  3. secretly deeply religious
  4. profound, if not also secret, hatred for everything that lives



Father: Unknown…
Mother: Unknown…

Other relatives: Unkown…

guild affiliation and rank

Guild: -None-
Rank: N/A
Joined: N/A

professions and skills

Herbalism: 300
Alchemy: 300

Fishing: 300
Cooking: 300
First Aid: 300

Riding: 150

talent builds


synopsis of character's life

  • Life before being risen as a Forsaken: unknown
  • Travelled to the Undercity to become a member of the Royal Apothecary Society.
  • Leads a suspiciously low-profile unlife…

character's history


Zulaen arose to look around and find his surroundings very alien. Where am I? Was his first thought. A crypt it seemed. As he stumbled outside, still confused he was met by another Forsaken called Undertaker Mordo. He told him of his current… condition… and directed Zulaen to the nearby village of Deathknell. As he travelled there he explored his new form, devoid of true feeling and finding a great gap in his chest where a heart should have been.
In the following days Zulaen, like all newly risen corpses, was tasked with the most measly of chores. He had no choice but to follow them, feeding mentally off the scraps of information and stories the local people threw at him…
After having proven his worth he travelled on, to the city of Brill where he came in contact with the local librarian. During his long stay in Brill Zulaen learned much about the Forsaken, their history, the fallen kingdom and all of Azeroth as a whole.

the Outcast

As his knowledge grew, so did his appetite for more, darker knowledge. He displayed an uncanny aptitude for sadism and evil, even to the extent as to alarm the other Forsaken. Soon after, he was expelled from the literary circle and was left to fend for himself… in revenge, he murdered the head of the council and lay a spell on his severed hand as to write Zulaen a Letter of Introduction to the inner circles of the Undercity… and so, he left Brill.

the Apothecary Society

As one thing led to another, Zulaen, now having chosen to hide his evil side for a great deal, managed to join the Royal Apothecary Society, concocting new potions and poisons with honoured colleagues, among them Master Faranell. At the same time he continued his quest for dark knowledge, asking young adventurers to retrieve a book, written by a fabled Kirin Tor mage named Ur from the library of Shadow Fang Keep.

From the Shadows…

This trend continued and although Zulaen remains hidden from public eyes, increasingly so even, some thinking him to be allied with even darker forces than the Forsaken. But these remain only speculations…

RP mod description

His gait and interactions mimics that of a weary old man, but something tells you this benevolent façade hides something… less fragile… Being clad in dark robes marks him as a member of the Royal Apothecary Society. His face is ravaged by time and decay, but the most notable features are his eye sockets, it doesn’t look like his eyes simply rotted out… no, the scars and dangling flesh around them hint of a brutal mutilation by perhaps a wild animal…

Brandishing a lantern and a satchel of potions, Zulaen walks around with a slow gait. Although he looks old and harmless he has something unsettling over him.

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RP gear

Normal RP gear
  • Black Velvet Robe
  • Warmonger cape
  • Black Mageweave Shoulders
  • Common Grey Shirt
  • Nightsky Cowl
  • Silver-thread belt
  • Everglow Lantern

Minions, Companions & Mounts

Like all warlocks Zulaen commands a host of demons:
- Imp: Belial
- Voidwalker: Tanggore
- Succubus: ?
- Felhunter: Flaafenn
- Felguard: ?

Although he used to ride a Felsteed called Brimspark, Zulaen has abandoned him for a Dreadsteed called Yaggeth

As for companions…
Zulaen is usually alone, though when he is seen with some animal company,
it is a small smolderweb spiderling


  • What do you want from a poor old man, who’s seen too much suffering?
  • Oh dear Gods, why all the fuss?
  • Well the only bright side on being Forsaken is the fact that I can’t feel my rheumatism anymore…


  • Although a lot of the information on this page seems missing, or filled with ‘Unknown’s, don’t be mistaken: Zulaen has a very rich character history, and more will be posted when the time is right.
  • Zulaen used to be the main-character right up to the release of the Burning Crusade…
  • He originally comes from Earthen Ring (transferred to Darkmoon Faire on: ) (His history has been rewritten as to not have been IC ‘warped through time’)
  • something fun:

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